school teacher and needs 22 pieces of wood, 3 over 8 ft long, for a class project. If he has a 9-ft board from which to cut the pieces, will he have enough 3 over 8 ft pieces for his class

Accepted Solution

Answer:Yes, he will have enough 3 over 8 ft pieces for his class.Step-by-step explanation:Given:Number of wood required = 22Length of each wood, [tex]l=\frac{3}{8}\textrm{ ft}[/tex]Total length of the board, [tex]L=9\textrm{ ft}[/tex]Therefore, the number of woods that can be made using the given board is given as:[tex]\textrm{Number of woods made}=\frac{\textrm{Total length of board}}{\textrm{Length of each wood}}\\\textrm{Number of woods made}=\frac{L}{l}=\frac{9}{\frac{3}{8}}=9\times \frac{8}{3}=\frac{72}{3}=24[/tex]So, he can make 24 woods of length [tex]\frac{3}{8}\textrm{ ft}[/tex] using the 9 ft board. But he has to make only 22 pieces. Therefore, he has enough of the wood to make the required number of pieces.