Gym a charges a registration fee of 75 plus 35.65 per month for members. Gym B charges a registration fee of 164 plus 17.95 for members. After how many months would the total cost at gym a and gym b to be the same for members?A.10 monthsB.5 months C.7 monthsD. They will never be the same

Accepted Solution

Answer:B: after 5 monthsStep-by-step explanation:Make to equations from the given informationLet y be the cost, and let x be the number of monthsGym 1:  y = 35.65x + 75Gym 2:  y = 17.95x + 164It wants to know when the cost will be the same, so set the 2 equations equal to each other and solve..35.65x + 75 = 17.95x + 16417.70x = 89              (subtract 17.95x and 75 from both sides)   x = 5.02                (divide both sides by 17.7)So after 5.02 months the cost will be equal, since 5.02 is greater than 5 months, the answer is after 5 months, which is B