5.1.2 Exam: Semester 2 ExamQuestion 16 of 355 PointsThe Sumner High School Biology Club is planning a trip to Yosemite NationalPark. The trip will cost $200 per club member plus a $1000 deposit. Which ofthe following graphs models the total average cost of the trip per clubmember?

Accepted Solution

Answer:See attached picture to view the graphStep-by-step explanation:Start by analyzing how this average idea works: If only one member goes to the trip, it will cost him/her $1000+$200 = $1200.If two members go to the trip, then they will share the cost as per the following: ($1000+ $200 + $200 = $1400) which they will be dividing into two people, thus costing each of them $700.Notice that the general function that represents such average will be given by: [tex]f(x) = \frac{1000+200x}{x}[/tex]Plot such function in the two dimensional plane, and you will get the asymptotic behavior shown in the attached image.