Deliver zero trust access to IT sanctioned apps

Protect against threats with a secure hybrid work environment

Keeping systems secure was a lot simpler when everyone came to the office to work, and when most apps still lived in the corporate datacenter. Now people are using networks not secured by IT, on devices your organization doesn’t manage—all of which can pose some serious risks. And with apps scattered across public clouds, it’s increasingly common for remote workers to access confidential work information using unsecured applications.1 But while tightening the reigns may help keep those threats at bay, too many roadblocks frustrate users and limit productivity. Instead, it’s time for a zero trust approach to security—one that allows you to meet the demands of the modern workforce without introducing risk.


Executive summary

  • Many traditional security solutions, such as VPN, don’t meet current security challenges
  • Organizations need a modern approach to protect against threats while supporting device choice
  • Citrix Secure Private Access provides the comprehensive capabilities you need to implement zero trust access to all apps without creating silos or disruption

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Business outcomes

Enable remote access without VPN

In some industries, as many as nine in ten organizations will soon have the majority of their staff working remotely.2 Those remote users need easy access to applications, but relying on traditional security technology can create significant security risks: If bad actors can gain access through the SSL VPN, they’ll have free reign over your entire network.  It’s little wonder, then, that the majority of enterprises are looking to phase out these legacy security solutions.3 Citrix Secure Private Access provides zero trust network access to all IT sanctioned applications without connecting user devices to the corporate network. Whether these applications are virtual apps, virtual desktops, client-server apps or apps that are accessed using a browser—and are deployed on-premises or in public clouds. This VPN alternative uses adaptive authentication to continuously monitor end user activities based on role, location, and device posture so you can keep the workspace secure at all times.

Reduce your attack surface

Too often, IT gets stuck in an endless cycle of adding point products like VPN, single sign-on, and gateway proxies to address secure access use cases. This not only increases complexity—nearly 80% of CISOs have 16 or more tools in their cybersecurity vendor portfolio, and 12% have 46 or more4— but also creates a fractured workspace experience for end users. Citrix Secure Private Access offers an end-to-end solution to implement zero trust principles, allowing you to avoid the gaps left from relying on assorted point solutions. Citrix Secure Private Access reduces your attack surface by protecting access to apps, whether these apps are accessed from within or from outside of Citrix Workspace.

Protect data and secure user sessions

One small user mistake can cost you—in fact, on average, a single data breach can total more than $4 million.5 At a time when 50% of apps have security vulnerabilities,6 it’s vital for your security strategy to address threats like keyloggers and screen-capturing malware for managed and unmanaged devices. But a zero trust approach requires more than strict enrollment policies for employee and third-party devices. Citrix Secure Private Access goes beyond traditional single sign-on and multi-factor authentication to provide advanced, adaptive access and security controls—like watermarking and the ability to disable printing, copying, and pasting based on user’s role, geolocation and device posture—while Citrix Secure Browser service isolates web traffic from the corporate network. Users get the seamless, uninterrupted workspace experience they need to be productive. You protect against threats.

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