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Not long ago, remote work was still considered the exception. Just 17% of employees were regularly working from home1, while the rest relied on corporate connections and in-office workstations. Now that 82% of employers are embracing hybrid workplace programs2, the way people work is changing fast. But while the move to hybrid work can have positive impacts on business agility, consistent performance of business-critical applications is key. And unfortunately, that’s not always easy to achieve. Congested broadband networks, slow-loading apps, and device switching can all impact the experience. Thankfully, there is a reliable solution.

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Executive summary

  • The average enterprise manages at least 288 SaaS apps across an increasingly remote workforce.
  • Citrix allows IT to optimize more than 4,500 apps and adapt to network conditions automatically.
  • Citrix supports distributed workforces by delivering consistent, high-performance global collaboration across any device.

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Business outcomes

Keep apps performing flawlessly

If your organization is struggling to optimize business-critical applications, you’re far from alone. The average enterprise has at least 288 active SaaS apps to manage, while other apps remain in the data center.3 To keep all of those apps functioning as expected, highly reliable network connectivity is key. Not just any quick fix will do—you need a solution capable of optimizing SaaS, cloud, and virtual apps to provide the always-on workspace experience people need to succeed. Citrix SD-WAN with Citrix Workspace allows you to deliver just that. With built-in application detection and API integration, Citrix SD-WAN allows you to connect employees directly to their workloads in the cloud while automatically adapting to changing network conditions. Your users get the best experience for every app, even when network problems like outages and congestion occur.

Optimize global collaboration

As the number of employees working remotely accelerates, so does the use of unified communications. Microsoft Teams saw an increase of 75% usage at the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, and that number has since doubled5 with no signs of slowing down. But while these apps offer an easy way to collaborate, they can only keep employees productive when supported with the right conditions. That’s where Citrix HDX technology comes in. This specialized high-definition technology is baked into every edition of Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops to ensure a native-like app experience with cutting-edge display techniques that adjust in real time to account for changing network conditions. And it improves more than just voice and video. Designers, engineers and other teams that rely on graphics-intensive apps can interact with pixel-perfect renderings whether they’re on local networks, mobile networks or high-latency wide-area networks.

Provide consistency across endpoints

Your employees aren’t just working from more locations. They’re using more devices, too. Seven in 10 are taking advantage of options to use personal devices for work,6 and many are just as likely to use them at coffee shops and kitchen tables as they are to be in cubicles and conference rooms. The more reliable the transition from one location or device to another, the more likely people are to continue working uninterrupted. With Citrix Endpoint Management, it’s easy to ensure a consistent, high-performance workspace experience across all devices. Instead of waiting for IT to onboard new devices or fix issues, employees can continually work on the device of their choice—in an environment that’s constantly updated to ensure unhindered access to apps and data.

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