Secure access to IT sanctioned apps

Enhance security with adaptive authentication and single sign-on (SSO)

More than half of today's employees are reusing the same password across multiple work accounts1— a nightmare scenario for IT. Add in the fact that many remote workers are accessing confidential information using unsecured devices, and it’s clear that legacy security solutions are no longer enough. Too many focus solely on authenticating and authorizing users at the time of login. With a zero trust solution for the entire digital workspace, you can continually monitor and assess session activities before, during and after login. Reduce risk, gain more control over every session, and get deeper insights across your entire application landscape.

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Executive summary

  • Monitoring access to applications creates complications for users and IT alike
  • With so many apps containing vulnerabilities, it’s critical to continually monitor and assess user sessions
  • Citrix Secure Private Access lets you go beyond SSO to provide adaptive authentication, without compromising the user experience

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Business outcomes

Provide single-click access

Employees rely on a variety of apps to get work done, but managing access to them creates challenges for both end users and IT alike. Citrix Secure Private Access delivers the best user experience possible by providing enhanced authentication and SSO to IT sanctioned apps in one place, with a single set of credentials for easy access to corporate resources. Security is improved with fewer passwords for users to manage and hackers to exploit. And employees can maximize productivity with a secure digital workspace designed to unify all apps and content within one central location.

Secure SaaS and web apps

At a time when half of applications have security vulnerabilities,2  it’s no longer enough to simply manage access to SaaS and web apps. You need to continually verify and monitor access, too. Citrix Analytics for Security uses machine learning to give you insight and control into how users are interacting with apps so you can identify and automatically respond to suspicious activity in real-time. And with Citrix Secure Private Access, IT benefits from a modern zero trust approach with integrations to all major identity providers, multi-factor authentication mechanisms, and SSO protocols. And adaptive access ensures the best authentication mechanism for each user based on role, location, and device posture.

Apply consistent security policies

The modern hybrid workforce relies on a lot of apps to get work done, and each tool comes with its own login. But too many access points can lead to inconsistent and ineffective security policies. Citrix Secure Private Access reduces your attack surface by consolidating access points and enabling IT to apply consistent security policies. Restrict actions users can take, such as copying and downloading, based on location and device posture. Or simply add a watermark to web applications to keep sensitive information secure. All while supporting an engaging workspace experience.

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