Deliver an exceptional experience for all your applications and desktops with Citrix SD-WAN and Microsoft

Citrix SD-WAN builds upon a long-standing partnership with Microsoft by integrating with Office 365 to automatically and efficiently steer traffic to the nearest Office 365 point of entry. With easy connectivity to Azure, Citrix SD-WAN is designed to provide the best performance for SaaS, cloud, and virtual apps.

  • Leverage an independently-tested and proven technology to optimize trusted Office 365 traffic in accordance with the Microsoft Connectivity Principles.
  • Create reliable connections to Azure with one-click provisioning of resources within existing or new VNets.
  • Prioritize latency-sensitive traffic for Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops hosted on Azure by leveraging HDX and QoS.

Optimize performance and connectivity for Microsoft Office 365 and Teams 

Essential productivity apps like Teams, OneDrive, and other data-heavy tools put increasing pressure on traditional networks, slowing app performance and limiting productivity. Backhauling this traffic to a central data center can cause latency, resulting in a poor user experience. Citrix SD-WAN supports Microsoft’s Office 365 network connectivity principles to ensure reliable connectivity to the nearest Office 365 front doors directly from branch locations. Learn more

Transition to Azure with automated connectivity

Extend the network to Microsoft Azure faster with automated provisioning of Citrix SD-WAN VPX instances. Citrix offers an automated on-ramp for Azure with one-click provisioning of its SD-WAN virtual appliance (VPX) and resources within existing or new virtual networks (VNets). Gain additional bandwidth and network redundancy with SD-WAN while smart load balancing ensures reliability in the event link conditions degrade or experience outages. Built-in intelligence in Citrix SD-WAN selects the best WAN link in real-time allowing users to benefit from a consistent, high-performance experience. Further, security options make it easy to protect traffic over the network and in the cloud. Explore the value of Citrix SD-WAN for Azure Virtual WAN. Learn more

Optimizing Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops delivery

Citrix SD-WAN now optimizes the experience for users accessing hosted or managed desktops, SaaS including Office 365, and more. When adding an SD-WAN virtual appliance in Azure, Citrix SD-WAN can prioritize the critical streams of HDX traffic, such as real-time audio, between the offices and the SD-WAN instance in Azure. Quality of Experience (QoE) monitoring provides networking teams deep visibility into desktop sessions, HDX users, and virtual apps. For Microsoft Teams, since Citrix optimizes and redirects the traffic to the local user device, SD-WAN can steer this traffic directly to the cloud avoiding unnecessary network hops that result in latency.  

Simplify and centralize network management while adding security

Networking teams can configure and manage Citrix SD-WAN from a single platform, allowing them to view, monitor, and adjust bandwidth usage quickly and to ensure the best user experience. Citrix SD-WAN for Azure and “Works with Office 365” help deliver the modern desktop. Citrix SD-WAN integrates with Azure to automate policy control and deployment for reliable cloud application delivery over the WAN.

Citrix SD-WAN helped us to optimize connectivity to Office 365 and critical business applications resulting in a much-improved end user experience.

Will Crichton
Director, IT Operations

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