Delivering secure, reliable, and critical connections to clinicians at 45 hospitals

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Prime Healthcare

Delivering secure, reliable, and critical connections to clinicians at 45 hospitals

When Prime Healthcare first began it was a management company managing only a single hospital. Back then it was using an on-premises deployment of Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops and Citrix Application Delivery Controller (ADC). As the company grew, it acquired new facilities and expanded to 45 hospitals nationwide. Prime Healthcare realized it needed a flexible, secure solution that would be able to handle the IT needs of an entire enterprise.

hospitals to support


consistent experience regardless of device

Business challenge

When it comes to delivering excellent patient care, reliable and secure delivery of apps and information is crucial. Prime Healthcare has a world of diverse end users that include clinicians, knowledge workers, operations and billing personnel, contractors, and remote users who need that reliable and secure access along with a consistent, familiar employee experience. When they began working with Citrix over six years ago, they had 1,000 end users. Over the years, this has increased to 7,000 concurrent users. To suit their growing needs, Prime Healthcare expanded its Citrix portfolio across 46 hospitals.

The solution

With Citrix solutions, Prime Healthcare ensures clinicians and staff have effortless access to the information they need. Physicians and clinical staff at all hospitals see the same interface and set of applications, so they can access the applications from any location – in or out of their network – through a single URL. The addition of Citrix Content Collaboration gives Prime Healthcare’s staff the ability to securely store and share files from a single, sanctioned portal.

“If users are connecting from any hospital, they see the same interface, they see the same set of applications, so they can access the applications from any location within our network or outside the network,” says Srinivasan Shanmugam, Enterprise Systems Engineer. “From a single interface we are providing apps for the end users across 45 hospitals and for end users, it's a better user experience.”

Prime Healthcare’s IT teams also benefit from the simplicity of its Citrix portfolio. According to Shanmugam, "After we deployed the enterprise Citrix solution, we have consolidated all of these scattered enrollments and everything has been consolidated to the enterprise Citrix solution. It's a single management console for the IT admins. It's easy for them to manage." Citrix Cloud Services helps IT teams quickly roll out on-premises, web, and SaaS apps, and Citrix ADC helps balance traffic flow.


Easy and consistent access to relevant information

Physicians and clinical staff don’t have to waste time waiting for an application to launch and can instead focus on their patients.

Secure access to apps and data

Citrix Gateway provides end users with simple, secure, single sign-on and multi-factor authentication.

Simplified experience for IT administrators

Local IT teams are able to spend more time resolving IT issues that are specific to each facility — ensuring systems run smoothly at the enterprise and local levels.

We make work experience better for our clinical staff, our IT and remote IT users, and our physicians so they don’t waste time waiting for an application to launch. We use Citrix so we save time for our physicians and clinical staff so they can attend to patients.

Srinivasan Shanmugam
Enterprise Systems Engineer
Prime Healthcare

About Prime Healthcare

Founded in 2001, Prime Healthcare is one of the nation’s leading hospital systems. They began as a management company with only a single hospital but have since expanded to 45 hospitals nationwide. Prime Healthcare's philosophy that all healthcare is local in combination with their physician-directed and patient-centered model has garnered them recognition as “15 Top Health System” by Truven and their hospitals’ consistent ranking among the “Top 100 Hospitals” in the country.

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