Embrace digital workspaces and expand enterprise mobility

Citrix has been delivering workspaces for virtual and web environments for over 20 years.  We have now expanded that workspace definition to include mobility and SaaS.  Every resource that your users will need to access can be accessed through a single experience.  Whether it is native applications, virtual, or web/SaaS those applications single sign-on to all resources and how these ties into the company data source.

To further help companies deliver great productivity experiences for their employees, while enabling IT professionals to protect company data across both cloud and on premises applications, Citrix and Microsoft are integrating Citrix Endpoint Management and Citrix ADC with the Microsoft Enterprise Mobility Suite (EMS).

Citrix Endpoint Management Apps with EMS

Citrix Endpoint Management MDX technology has changed the way people looked at securing data and applications.  The technology provides over 60 policies on both iOS and Android applications, allowing you to control the company’s greatest assets, your applications and data.

Citrix Endpoint Management applications have the reputation for a superior enterprise experience and feature set.  In combination with MDX technology, it provides a great user experience along with the security controls that organizations need.  Citrix will extend the capabilities of the Citrix Endpoint Management apps by allowing the Microsoft mobile application management (MAM) security containment to work side by side with the MDX technology.  This allows the applications to have the additional security context of MDX more easily interacting with Microsoft MAM applications such as Office 365.  This improves both user experience and security control.  In combination, this will extend the Citrix workspace technology to EMS applications as well.

Security and flexibility

Citrix Endpoint Management Apps, Citrix Content Collaboration, and Citrix Workspace App will support Microsoft EMS MAM as well as the Citrix Endpoint Management MDX mobile app management technology to expand the security parameters to work more closely with EMS managed applications.  Using Citrix Endpoint Management allows your Citrix workspace to include the EMS mobile application management capabilities for applications like Office 365 and SAP Fiori apps with the added benefit of Azure AD Single Sign-on across all the Citrix workspace components.  Mobile application security is enhanced by the partnership of Citrix ADC and Citrix Endpoint Management to bring micro-VPN technology to EMS MAM.

Next step

Enhance productivity and security of your Microsoft EMS/Intune deployment