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If you’re having a hard time managing your hybrid workforce, you’re far from alone. More than half of surveyed IT professionals say endpoint security is their number one challenge, and 44% of organizations have recently faced cyberattacks as a result of increases in remote work1. As flexible work continues to become more commonplace, these challenges will continue to grow. Thankfully, there is an easy solution. With the right endpoint management technology in place, you can create the workspace experience people need to be productive—without sacrificing security.


Executive summary

  • More than 70% of IT executives say BYOD devices are a top cause of security risks.
  • Citrix Workspace provides important compliance measures and security controls, even on personal devices.
  • Citrix gives employees access to secure file sharing and syncing, easy mobile editing, and a seamless experience across devices—all with single sign-on access across apps.

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Business outcomes

Create a successful BYOD program

Today’s workers need to be able to use their own devices, and many organizations are allowing them to do just that. Nearly 70% of surveyed IT professionals say employees are permitted to use personal devices for work—and 20% say the same for contractors and partners. However, roughly two-thirds of those same specialists are concerned about data leakage, unsecure app downloads and unsafe content as a result of bring-your-own-device (BYOD) programs2. With Citrix Workspace, flexibility and security go hand-in-hand. When used as part of a digital workspace experience, Citrix Endpoint Management turns personal devices into powerful business tools while providing important compliance measures and security controls. Employees benefit from state-of-the-art mobile productivity apps, while IT uses mobile application management (MAM) technology to isolate and protect company data.

Improve the workspace experience

The easier it is to access corporate apps and data, the more successful teams will be: Nearly three-fourths of surveyed employees want to choose where they work, and they expect their tools to perform equally well from anywhere3. Citrix Workspace ensures people have everything they need, no matter where they’re located or how many times they switch from one device to another. And with Citrix Endpoint Management, apps and endpoints are unified into one admin view to ensure a truly exceptional experience. You can provide secure file sharing and syncing, offer easy mobile editing and maintain a seamless experience across devices with single sign-on access—to name just a few of the countless advantages. It's the quickest, most effective way to provide both the workspace experience your employees demand and the endpoint security your IT administrators need.

Streamline IT management

As flexible work benefits become more commonplace, security concerns remain high. More than 70% of IT executives say BYOD devices are a top cause of security risks4. And according to Gartner, the sheer volume of cybersecurity solutions is making IT management more complicated than ever: Nearly 80% of CISOs have 16 or more tools in their security stacks.[2] In contrast, a comprehensive workspace solution lets you manage every app, device and platform from the same central location. You can apply security policies directly to specific business apps, allowing IT to keep sensitive data secure regardless of endpoint. And as your workforce grows, Citrix Workspace will scale with you. Sensitive data remains safe no matter where it’s locked away—in the cloud, in your datacenter or on smartphones themselves—without the headaches of managing multiple point solutions.

Build your ideal set of productivity apps

It sounds simple on the surface, but rolling out the ideal set of productivity apps can be a big challenge. While 92% of executives say they’re satisfied with the technology experience their companies provide for making progress on important work, only 68% of staff agree6. That’s why Citrix Endpoint Management comes with a specialized set of secure apps designed to enhance daily work while keeping IT in control. There’s Citrix Secure Mail for fast access to email, which encrypts data at rest and allows for remote wipe in the event of loss or theft, and Citrix Secure Browser to keep work activities separate from personal searches. And if your workforce depends heavily on Microsoft 365, these apps can be seamlessly accessed and managed, too. Together, these apps provide a better experience for employees while taking extra steps to keep sensitive information safe.

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