Citrix optimization for Microsoft Teams delivers the modern desktop for today’s mobile workforce

See how Citrix optimizes the value and performance of Microsoft Teams

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Introducing Citrix HDX optimization for Microsoft Teams. Now organizations can deploy Microsoft Teams within their virtual environments, delivering a fully-featured Microsoft Teams experience, and also give IT admins the benefits of centralized management.

Citrix optimization of the Microsoft Teams solution was developed in partnership with Microsoft—enabling a secure unified communications platform for today’s modern workforce, and gives users the best possible Teams experience within a virtualized or cloud-hosted application or desktop.

Moving to the modern desktop? See how Microsoft Teams soars from great to amazing with Citrix.

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Citrix Workspace integrated with Microsoft Teams and Office 365 offers a fully-featured, native application experience regardless of device. For example, an employee working on their Surface over a local network will have the same accessibility and functionality as a remote worker on their mobile device.

With Citrix Workspace and HDX optimization, a virtualized instance of Microsoft Teams voice, video, and telephony is optimized to ensure the highest quality and most consistent user experience. Users can also access, edit, and share any type of document regardless of where it is stored—Citrix Content Collaboration, Microsoft OneDrive, SharePoint, or legacy file shares—giving your employees the flexibility and tools they need to work smarter and be more productive and collaborative.

The Citrix Workspace platform enables your IT administrators to manage enterprise applications, desktops, and data from a single dashboard—integrating data from various sources across multiple applications and environments. This gives IT the ability to build a secure digital perimeter around the user: your employees. Enable successful digital workspace transformation by streamlining the app deployment process, providing universal access to virtual apps and desktops from any device, and optimizing server scalability to minimize cost.

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Citrix Workspace gives IT and workers the best and fastest route to a modern desktop.

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