What is Citrix unified endpoint management?

Simplify device management for IT—and provide an unmatched experience for employees

Citrix unified endpoint management solutions provide companies with a simple way to manage the ever-increasing array of user endpoints and to ensure employees can securely work from any device. With the sheer volume of endpoint options continuing to rise, these services are becoming increasingly important. They can help IT streamline endpoint management with a single, consolidated view of device configurations, usage policies and more.

But simpler IT isn't the only reason companies turn to Citrix for unified endpoint management. These solutions also make a big difference in the overall employee experience. The reason? Traditional PCs, corporate laptops, personal smartphones, newly acquired tablets and IoT devices all play a part in the new ways people work. With each new endpoint addition comes yet another control panel—and more complexity—for IT. The result is often dozens of different dashboards for keeping corporate data secure and personal privacy protected. It's not only costly and complex, but also creates a fragmented experience for users.

Thankfully, the solution is easy.

With Citrix unified endpoint management solutions, you can create an exceptional employee experience on any device—without sacrificing security or complicating IT.

What makes Citrix unified endpoint management solutions so effective?

At its core, unified endpoint management allows IT to manage all types of endpoints—iOS, Android, Windows, Chrome, Mac and more—through a single console. With the right mix of mobile application management (MAM) and enterprise mobility management (EMM) features, companies can confidently let employees work on any endpoint, from any location. All while protecting company data and keeping users' personal information untouched.

However, when it comes to providing anywhere access, there's a lot more than just security and privacy at stake. Users need easy access to all of their apps and files, without limitations or delays. 

For this reason, endpoint management solutions play an integral role in the overall workspace experience, too. The faster employees can be empowered to securely and compatibly use new laptops, tablets and smartphones, the better positioned your business will be to keep creativity and innovation flowing.

With one unified view of all endpoints, IT can provide seamless access to the apps and data employees need to be productive. Onboarding new devices can be done in a matter of minutes, and users can self-enroll quickly and easily.

Optimaliser brukeropplevelsen med Citrix Endpoint Management og Citrix Workspace

Se hvordan hvis du forener alle disse forskjellige instrumentbordene i én sentral endepunktadministrasjonskonsoll, kan du øke sikkerheten, sikre personlig personvern og øke produktiviteten – samtidig.

Utforsk Citrix Endpoint Management

Hva er Citrix Endpoint Management – og hvordan hjelper det deg med å forbedre medarbeideropplevelsen?

Citrix Endpoint Management er en enhetlig løsning for endepunktadministrasjon som bringer alle apper og endepunkter inn i én enhetlig visning for å øke sikkerheten og forbedre produktiviteten. Den er en sentral komponent i Citrix Workspace, og gir et sentralisert rammeverk for policy for å levere rask, sikker tilgang til bedriftsapper og data på tvers av hele spekteret av medarbeiderenheter – alt uten å komplisere brukeropplevelsen eller berøre personlig informasjon på egne personlige (BYOD) bærbare datamaskiner og mobile enheter.

Når Citrix Endpoint Management brukes som en del av den generelle digitale arbeidsplass opplevelsen, kan organisasjoner arbeide sikkert med hvordan og hvor de trenger det. Kontekstuelle tilgangs- og samsvarsfunksjoner kan brukes til å sikre at sensitive data forblir beskyttet, mens spesialiserte produktivitetsapper raskt og enkelt kan installeres på hvilken som helst bærbar PC, nettbrett, smarttelefon eller andre foretrukne enheter. For enda mer sikkerhet gjør Citrix analyseløsninger det mulig for IT-avdelingen å oppdage og forhindre potensielle risikoendepunkter ofte utgjør.

What can you do with Citrix Endpoint Management?

Thousands of organizations rely on Citrix Endpoint Management to securely deliver corporate resources to any device, all from a single management console.

Simplify IT

Improve the employee experience

Øk sikkerheten samtidig som du gir en eksepsjonell medarbeideropplevelse

Internasjonal flyplassoperatør sikrer viktige tjenester

Swedavia er avhengig av Citrix Endpoint Management for å skape en eksepsjonell digital arbeidsplassopplevelse for ansatte samtidig som sikkerheten på mobile enheter forbedres.

Les suksesshistorien

Based on our experience with the two platforms, it was easy for us to say that Citrix offered a virtual desktop solution that could replace what we were doing with VMware Horizon View. On the other hand, we could not say that VMware offered a virtual apps solution that could replace what we were doing with Citrix Apps.

Lisa Pratt
IT Enterprise Architect Team Lead
The University of Vermont Medical Center

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