Enlist Citrix consulting experts to plan, build, rollout, manage and optimize your environment for success.

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Wherever you are in your journey, enlist our team of Citrix consulting professionals to help define clear objectives, accelerate outcomes and maximize success at every step.

Collaboration to accelerate
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With Citrix experts, you’re set to win

Collaboration to accelerate

Once we establish your objectives and desired outcomes, our experts work to plan, design and build the right solutions for your business with as much (or as little) direct assistance as you need at every stage of the journey.

Proven to deliver results

We measure success, demonstrate results, minimize risk and maximize positive business impact – so you can keep track of ROI every step of the way.

Security-first strategies

Realize all your outcomes safely and securely. We’re focused on protecting your critical business assets with our emphasis on network and endpoint security.

With Citrix experts, you’re set to win

Extensive technical and fieldwork experience, intellectual property and data-driven results all contribute to ensure you succeed. Invite a Citrix expert to get the most efficacy from your Citrix solutions.

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Whether you’re starting a new journey or looking for support on your existing goal, our Citrix experts help you reach better outcomes, faster.

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Your digital transformation journey starts here. Take a look at our Usage Accelerator package and enlist the help of a consultant to define goals, make plans and start reaping the benefits of your Citrix solution right away.


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Our Citrix consulting team has the experience and expertise to help you manage cloud migrations, secure your workspaces or achieve whichever outcome your business needs.

Secure Digital Workspaces

Integrate technologies, platforms, devices, and clouds to secure and simplify your IT management of virtual workspaces. Give employees personalized access to only the systems and tools they need – when and how they need them.

Simplify your IT architecture by transitioning from a distributed model with point solutions to Citrix Workspace, which natively reduces your attack surface. Our experts will show you how you can benefit from additional features and services that complement your current Citrix Virtual Apps, Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops, and Citrix ADC deployments.

We'll conduct an assessment to understand your current environment and needs, then develop a detailed blueprint based on leading practices to migrate your legacy systems to Citrix Workspace.

Based on your specific needs and our validated designs, we’ll deploy your customized secure digital workspace solution. We also develop deployment documentation to seamlessly transition, scale, optimize, and manage your environment as you need.

Our CISSP-certified consultants review your virtualization, networking, mobility, and data-sharing environment for security vulnerabilities. Based on leading practices around contextual access, networking, analytics, and application data, we’ll provide recommendations to mitigate risks and prevent future attacks.

Application Delivery and Security

To keep your sensitive information safe and comply with regulations, it’s critical to protect your entire corporate network – including branches and mobile workers – from existing and potential threats.

After learning about your goals, our experts deploy the appropriate Citrix ADC solution. They follow leading practices and proven designs so you can begin to reap the benefits of your Citrix investment.

We migrate your environment from an F5 application delivery controller (ADC) to Citrix ADC to achieve faster scalability and higher app performance, reduce total cost of ownership through consolidation, and cloud-enable your datacenter. We gain an understanding of your existing iRules and help port them to a new Citrix ADC environment so you can hit the ground running with minimal disruption.

Software-defined networking (SDN) can overcome limitations of traditional networks by accommodating data and applications hosted in the cloud and delivered as a service, or downloaded by employees onto mobile devices. We deploy Citrix SD-WAN at your main datacenter and then provide a blueprint for your team to install the required SD-WAN hardware at each endpoint to ensure a smooth and successful deployment.

Defend your network from application-layer attacks with Citrix Web App Firewall, a web application firewall (WAF). We’ll evaluate your environment to design and implement a security strategy that protects web applications and assets from known and unknown attacks.

Based on your specific needs, we will implement a use-case-driven forward proxy and policy configuration to manage and prioritize traffic based on user permissions and URLs.

Cloud Strategy and Transition

Whether you’re ready to go all in on cloud or take advantage of a hybrid model, we can design a solution that works for you. We’ll also help you deploy, maintain, and optimize your Citrix Cloud services.

Based on your specific needs, we will implement a use-case-driven forward proxy and policy configuration to manage and prioritize traffic based on user permissions and URLs.

We work with you to understand your business drivers and help you find the perfect path to the cloud, whether you’re new to Citrix or already have Citrix solutions deployed on premises. Based on this assessment, we create and share an ideal conceptual architecture and provide a timeline to help you take your project forward.

Our cloud experts work with you to identify your business drivers, shape your cloud approach, and develop a detailed cloud architecture. To support this architecture, we define leading practices and migration strategies, and ensure you have a solid blueprint and plan for implementing this design.

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