Deliver zero trust access to all apps

Keep your applications secure—and your hybrid workforce productive

Citrix Secure Private Access (formerly Citrix Secure Workspace Access) provides the zero trust network access (ZTNA) your business needs to stay competitive, with adaptive authentication and SSO to IT sanctioned applications. So you can scale your business and still meet today’s modern security standards—without compromising employee productivity.

Prevent unauthorized access and threats from unmanaged and BYO devices

Go beyond traditional security controls

With adaptive access policies based on user identity, location, and device posture, you can continually monitor sessions and protect against threats of unauthorized login from BYO devices—all while delivering an exceptional user experience. And with integrated remote browser isolation technology, users can securely access apps using any BYO device—no endpoint agent needed.

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Deliver zero trust access to IT sanctioned apps

Protect against threats with a secure hybrid work environment

Securely support BYOD and unmanaged devices

Provide to access IT sanctioned apps—without increasing risks

Secure access to IT sanctioned apps

Enhance security with adaptive authentication and single sign-on (SSO)

Simplify and secure access to all applications

International agency increases scalability with Citrix secure access solutions

When HDI experienced a rapid increase in remote workers, IT faced an important decision: Increase investments in servers and virtual machines, or find a better way to securely deliver apps? With Citrix, the company was able to securely support unmanaged and BYO devices—no additional infrastructure needed.

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With Citrix, we have found a way to increase productivity and deliver a better employee experience. We’ve made remote work more secure.

Gilliard Delmiro

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Single sign-on the way it should be

Providing secure SSO access to the apps and data your employees need should be easy — but it isn’t always. 

Deliver secure access without sacrificing IT control

Citrix empowers its customers to provide contextual andsecure access to applications deployed on-premises, in the cloud, or delivered as SaaS.

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