What is Citrix application delivery and security?

Provide a flawless application experience on any infrastructure

Citrix application delivery and security solutions are designed to ensure that business-critical applications perform well and remain secure. Centered around a comprehensive application delivery controller and advanced WAN, these solutions help companies succeed by ensuring an optimal user experience.

Citrix application delivery and security solutions provide the holistic visibility you need to maintain a consistent security posture—even among the most distributed environments.

What makes the Citrix application delivery platform so effective?

Your customers and workforce expect a flawless application experience at all times. But as organizations transition to a mix of web, SaaS, legacy virtual and modern cloud-native apps, it’s getting harder to meet those expectations with traditional service providers. With Citrix application delivery and security solutions, the experience stays the same no matter where your users are located or which types of apps they’re using—and IT maintains full visibility:

Citrix application delivery solutions not only enable a great user experience, but also give you holistic visibility into both that experience and your environment. Robust load balancing and flexible WAN edge features allow teams to optimize app performance regardless of app type and underlying infrastructure. The result is a consistently fast, flawless user experience.

Citrix application security solutions simplify the process of protecting an increasingly susceptible ecosystem of apps and APIs. An integrated web application firewall (WAF), volumetric distributed denial of service (DDoS) protection and bot management come together in a single pane of glass to automate and secure app connectivity.

Optimize your end users’ application experience with Citrix ADC and Citrix SD-WAN

Deliver better performance for every application, on any infrastructure.

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Ensure an always-on experience for every remote and branch location.

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What are Citrix ADC and Citrix SD-WAN—and how do they help you deliver a superior experience?

Application delivery and security solutions from Citrix are built on a foundation of industry-leading application delivery and WAN edge features. In addition to providing operational consistency and deep visibility into thousands of apps, these technologies optimize application delivery based on network conditions and enable you to secure all of your applications and your entire network.

Citrix ADC enables IT to simplify the process of optimizing performance for SaaS, cloud-hosted and on-premises applications. From a single pane of glass, organizations gain operational consistency and holistic visibility across multi-cloud and maintain a consistent application security posture.

Citrix SD-WAN uses a built-in control engine to identify more than 4,500 apps and automatically adapt network conditions to ensure all application traffic is delivered seamlessly. Advanced WAN edge features let IT put zero-trust security policies in place, without inhibiting network performance.

What can you do with Citrix app delivery and security solutions?

Thousands of organizations across industries rely on Citrix ADC and Citrix SD-WAN to stay agile and provide a flawless application experience.

Improve the application experience

Maintain a consistent security posture

Simplify IT application delivery

Provide the best app experience with a proven leader in application delivery

Tolly Group validates Citrix ADC VPX performance over F5 BIG-IP VE

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Citrix ADC VPX delivers better results than F5 BIG-IP in every variant of every test.

Tolly Test Report #221100
January, 2021

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