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Citrix powers financial services digital transformation with a fully integrated and secure solution. Financial services companies like banks and insurers can provide employees and customers with secure instant access to apps, data and communication on any device, over any network and cloud.

Improve IT efficiency, manageability and cost control

The centralization of IT makes it possible to streamline and reduce the cost of operations, management and maintenance while increasing flexibility in resource utilization. Desktops and apps can be updated immediately. Users, lines of business, facilities, and new and traditional channels including Web, mobile, call centers, remote and branch offices, can be integrated more rapidly in support of digital banking. In the event of a disruption, the same solution that supports the organization during routine operations can ensure business continuity.

Reduce risk of finance data loss from threats

Centralized security controls such as granular policy-setting allows application policies to be defined and managed so that access can be restricted based on roles and devices.  This ensures data protection without compromising customer/user experience. Network security protects web applications from both known and unknown threats. An integrated solution designed for secure financial services also reduces potential security vulnerabilities that can be exploited for attacks.

Increase business agility and flexibility

New or temporary employees can use any available device to access role-relevant apps, desktops and data in the centralized datacenter without the need for IT to image or physically deliver a new laptop. With low-cost, high performance networking included as part of the solution, remote and branch offices can be set up faster. This helps IT adapt quickly and cost-effectively to changes in the workforce resulting from M&A, seasonal peaks and other changing business requirements.  

Boost employee productivity and customer service

Brokers, tellers, advisors, call center staff and other employees can work anywhere using any endpoint on almost any operating platform with Citrix solutions. With an optimized network powered by Citrix, users can expect a superior, high-definition experience on any device even over challenging, high-latency networks often encountered in the financial services industry. When employees can be responsive to customer needs regardless of where they are, they can fulfill the promise of digital banking by building better relationships and offering better service.

Ensure compliance with financial regulations and facilitate enforcement

With business-sensitive apps and data centralized in the datacenter instead of all the endpoint devices that access them, the audit footprint is dramatically reduced to comply with industry and governmental regulations. Additional regulatory compliance enforcement can be obtained with the ability to encrypt data-in-motion and data-at-rest; containerize and wipe data on mobile devices; restrict the sharing and copying of data; and segregate protected data in restricted spaces that can be closely monitored.

Baloise Group uses Citrix to embrace flexible working. 

The leading financial organizations in the world rely on Citrix solutions.

Top 10

The leading financial organizations in the world rely on Citrix solutions.

  • Top 10 largest banks
  • Top 10 investment companies
  • Top 10 property insurance companies
  • Top 10 life insurance companies

Citrix allows me to work wherever and whenever I need to work, with reliability as well as security. We have a competitive advantage because we are able to work anytime we need to and we provide better client service because of that.

Financial Advisor
EK Riley

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