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Disruptions can occur at any time, for all kinds of reasons. And when the unexpected hits, you need to be prepared. By building a business continuity plan that establishes remote work as the norm, and not the exception, you can empower teams to continue business as usual—even in the midst of power outages, political events, pandemics, and more. With the right digital workspace solution, people will always have the resources they need to do their best work, no matter where it happens—at the office, in the field, or from home.

Executive summary

  • Citrix Workspace provides a full range of options for supporting secure flexible work.
  • Employees get consistently fast, easy access to all of their apps and files.
  • IT maintains full visibility and control, so your corporate data stays secure no matter where people work or which devices they’re using.

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Business outcomes

Continue work uninterrupted

In some industries, empowering employees to work from home is key to keeping a business operational. In others, disruptions can increase the need to onboard temporary staff or contractors. Whatever the impact, the implications are the same: Anytime there’s a sudden surge in demand, you need a way to react fast and recover quickly. Citrix Workspace equips you with a full range of options for supporting secure, flexible work. Simply choose the solutions that work best for your business today, and then rapidly scale any time new needs arise. You can secure personal devices, provide robust file sharing, deliver apps and desktops from the cloud, and more. And when you need the ultimate in ease and speed, give users access to fully-managed desktop as a service (DaaS) workloads in just five clicks.

Enhance the experience

In the rush to get remote workers up and running fast, many companies turn to the first solutions they see—only to discover later that the experience is less than ideal. By unifying all apps and data in Citrix Workspace, you can empower people with an easy and personalized way to securely access all apps, desktops, and files in one central location. And when you use Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops as part of the workspace experience, voice, video, and intensive graphics apps all stay crystal clear and pixel perfect. By putting the right solution in place today, you can ensure a steady stream of productivity and profits tomorrow—no matter what challenges may arise.

Ensure apps perform flawlessly

To continue business as usual in times of disruption, reliable applications are key. If apps are unavailable or perform poorly, your workforce can’t be productive. That’s why Citrix Workspace comes equipped with the tools you need to ensure a secure, always-on application experience. Use Citrix SD-WAN to ensure sufficient bandwidth at all times, and Citrix ADC to ensure apps continue to perform well during both unplanned disruptions and planned downtimes. And with Citrix Application Delivery Management to provide holistic visibility across your entire application delivery infrastructure, you can find and resolve service issues fast. All so you can respond quickly to any disruption, keeping your workforce productive.

Secure sensitive data

It’s not just productivity and profits that are at stake during disruptions. Your organization will face increased security concerns, too. Reports of corporate hacking attacks have been known to quadruple in times of uncertainty, when bad actors prey on the anxiety and confusion that causes employees to let down their guards1. That’s why Citrix Workspace takes a zero-trust approach to securely delivering apps and data—without the need for a traditional VPN. By continually evaluating access based on what users do and which devices they use, you can rest assured your resources will stay secure and compliant. And with layered protection for your apps and APIs, you can provide easy access without exposing your business-critical applications to risk. Employees have everything they need to succeed, and IT maintains full visibility and control to keep threats at bay.

Respond to demand fast

From sudden surges in the need for remote work arrangements to periods of rapid growth, there will be times when you have to scale quickly. Throughout each of these transitions, you need a way to quickly deploy apps and desktops—without having to sacrifice security or make big capital investments. With Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops Standard for Azure, you can rapidly provision Windows apps and desktops for employees, contractors, and more—and easily deprovision them when they’re no longer needed. You pay only for what you use, without having to worry about expensive hardware that sits idle during down times. And for those unanticipated scenarios when employees need to leave the office and work from home, Remote PC access lets you keep them connected to business-critical resources stored on physical workstations.

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