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Empower every worker with one intelligent, flexible workspace.


Go from keeping plates spinning to proactively adding value for every team

IT responsibilities are expanding in every direction: enable flexible work, secure data, optimize costs, automate workflows and more. Citrix Workspace helps simplify IT Operations for short-term wins, while remaining flexible enough to help you reach long term business objectives like increasing revenue and supporting growth. ­

With more freedom to innovate, you can explore how best to leverage and customize workspaces for each sector and group you support. Scroll down to see how to use the powerful flexibility of Citrix Workspace to serve Sales and HR teams.

of IT leaders responded that at least 21% of their team's time is spent on manual or necessary work just to keep the lights on

(source: Pulse x Citrix survey)


See how IT Operations are simplified with a smarter, flexible way to work.


Improve work experiences for customer service agents

It’s essential to your business’ success that your customer service agents can quickly address your customers’ needs. Citrix Workspace gives your IT teams the ability to support all the different needs of your organization. It also ensures an exceptional experience for your customer service agents — whether they’re in the contact center, working remotely, or doing a hybrid of both.

Enhance experiences

  • Streamline access with SSO
  • Ensure ease of use with an intuitive interface
  • Enable better call quality and faster
    access to critical apps

Deliver efficiencies

  • Customize microapps to help minimize repetitive tasks
  • Centralize workspace delivery for faster new-hire onboarding
  • Protect sensitive data regardless of where customer service agents are working

of organizations will have moved their contact centers’ operations off-premises by 2024, according to estimates.

(source: Gartner)

the estimated jump in remote-working full-time customer service agents.

(source: Gartner)


Give your agents the tech to better care for your customers.


A secure, time-saving solution for sales teams

Net time sales teams actually spend selling

Source: Gallup

Your on-the-go sales force depends on key app availability and performance across multiple devices to grow relationships and close sales as efficiently as possible. Citrix Workspace helps IT teams deliver an optimal sales experience while protecting sensitive prospect and customer data.

Minimize Obstacles

  • Keep your sales team focused on selling — not paperwork — with simple workflows designed to make moving deals along faster and more time-efficient.
  • Reduce risk of data loss with unified endpoint management and SSO to sanctioned web and SaaS apps
  • Reduce complexity and cost from multiple point products with an all-in-one digital workspace solution

Maximize Opportunities

  • Enable simple workflows for sales with out-of-the-box microapp integrations for sales-critical apps and tools like Salesforce
  • Use the machine learning within performance analytics to proactively improve sales team user experience


Streamline the entire sales cycle and drive collaboration.


Help HR deliver a more human experience

Your HR team is focused on supporting your organization’s most valuable resource, it’s people.  Enable HR to nurture talent from acquisition through onboarding, continued education, and more. Citrix Workspace helps IT teams deliver an optimal HR experience while protecting sensitive employee data.

Reduce Liabilities

  • Minimize user-based security risks with secure SSO access and easily identify anomalous behavior with advanced security analytics
  • Stop brain drain and employee churn with a unified digital workspace that reduces the need for context switching and secures apps, content and desktops all in one place

Compound Rewards

  • Quickly expand the talent pool by introducing time-saving integrations with leading HR recruitment apps like Upwork
  • Simplify the onboarding process with a digital workspace that scales with your workforce
  • Attract and retain top talent using your technology as a differentiator

higher reported profitability for companies with high levels of employee engagement.

Source: Gallup

of C-suite and rank-and-file employees reported that well-implemented workplace technology had a positive impact on the employee experience.

Source: Economist Intelligence Unit


Maximize HR workflow efficiencies, from onboarding to PTO.

Bring them all together with a more powerful, experience-driven workspace.

IT is more vital to the success of an organization that ever. With the meteoric rise of flexible work, and with mass migration to hybrid cloud environments, IT needs solutions that securely flex to proactively exceed the needs of every kind of employee. Optimize resources from your existing infrastructure, pull more useful resources from the cloud, and integrate key apps, with simplified interactions from low-code microapps. Learn more about how Citrix Workspace is engineered and constantly optimized to provide value for IT and all the teams they serve.

Give your employees secure access to all the tools they need to work — from any device or location. See how with Citrix Workspace.