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As organizations look to achieve greater agility and control, many are shifting to the cloud: More than 90% of enterprises will soon rely on a mix of private and public clouds to meet rapidly evolving needs1. But it’s not always blue skies ahead, especially when it comes to the complexity of managing public cloud resources alongside on-premises workloads and infrastructure. With a cloud-ready digital workspace to smooth your migration, you can keep people productive and data secure—all while significantly simplifying IT management.


Executive summary

  • Nine in 10 IT managers plan to retain on-premises resources while migrating workloads to the cloud.
  • Citrix provides full flexibility to choose the cloud or hybrid setup that works best for the business.
  • End-to-end solutions ensure apps perform fast and data stays secure, no matter where workloads are stored.

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Business outcomes

Move to the cloud on your terms

While there’s no one-size-fits-all journey to the cloud, an estimated 97% of IT managers plan to distribute workloads across clouds—often while retaining on-premises resources2. To make a successful transition, you need the flexibility to choose the cloud or hybrid setup that works best for your business. Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops lets you store VDI and DaaS workloads anywhere you want, either completely in the cloud of your choice or in a hybrid scenario, and manage it all from a single console. And because Citrix Content Collaboration ensures your users will have fast, reliable access to apps and data no matter where it’s stored, you can easily manage a mix of cloud and on-premises resources while building your ideal infrastructure.

Optimize connectivity

When the average enterprise uses nearly 300 SaaS subscriptions3, keeping people connected to high-performing voice, video, and graphics-intensive apps can feel like an uphill battle. With Citrix SD-WAN, it’s possible to provide consistent connectivity. This turnkey solution provides fast on-ramps to leading public cloud services so you can set up direct connections to any apps running in popular IaaS and PaaS clouds such as Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure, and AWS. Specialized Quality of Service (QoS) controls seek the best path for each app, and traffic is redirected with millisecond failover to ensure consistently fast performance.

Secure sensitive data

When sourcing cloud services from multiple vendors, inconsistent security policies and fragmented access can be a big challenge. External attacks on cloud accounts have increased 630% in recent years4, and “buggy web applications” remain a top external attack avenue5. With a cloud-ready workspace to monitor and manage risk across vendors, it’s remarkably easy to keep data secure. Single sign-on access to all web and SaaS apps means far fewer passwords for hackers to exploit, while secure browsing keeps your data safe from browser-based attacks. And with advanced security controls, it’s easy to automatically restrict activities like copying, pasting, printing, and downloading any time the risk of data exfiltration is high.

Deliver unmatched performance

Visibility across cloud services isn’t just critical for protecting data—it’s key for providing uninterrupted performance, too. With Citrix Workspace, your users can easily interact with all apps and content in one place, regardless of where it’s stored. And with a cloud-ready network made possible by Citrix SD-WAN, you can set policies to prioritize bandwidth for specific applications to ensure people can keep working without interruption. Your remote and branch users will experience the same level of performance and reliability, no matter where they work or which workloads they’re using.

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